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Paranormal And Spiritual Relationships Energy

Paranormal and Spiritual Relationship Energy


My guides reminded me after I posted the Soul fragment and energetic divorce post how this is also an element in the Paranormal and Spirituality.


A soul who refused the tunnel and chose to stay earthbound (now a ghost not a Spirit by the way) may do so for the reason that they are unwilling to let go of another, a marriage or commitment. It doesn't matter if the relationship was current or past upon the time of death. If the Soul has missing fragments of themselves they may feel they need to retrieve them and attempt to attach to the individual of said relationship.  Also when a soul is fragmented with out being aware that it is fragmented it may feel incomplete and unworthy to even go up the tunnel and into the light that opens the veil to the Other Side. (By the way it's not actually up the tunnel but at an angle. The activation of the tunnel activates the light which is the veil entrance. Who activates the tunnel? We do)


If a Soul was deeply committed in a marriage that became their entire identity, energy chords can become so solidified that it will tie the soul energetically to the earth plane, especially if the person was Catholic or raised in a culture that marriage is life long and continues after death.


It is important while still in life to know that once two things are emotionally and energetically connected it is always apart of each other in some form. There is no separation. At the same time we must also realize that romantic love is a love of the earth plane and evolves to a higher level on the Other Side of the 4th plane. 


And as you can see if you read my Soul Fragment post it is vital to energetically release people and recall your soul fragments to always be whole, healed and forgiven.


Another reason energetic Divorce and Soul retrieval is important is that in toxic relationships especially those who are involved with Dark Entities are in danger of manipulation, psychic attack and influence from the energy chords that develop between the solar plexus, third eye and heart chakras. This is often confused in its extreme as a possession, oppression or attachment.

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