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I've been extremely busy attempting to do many things at once and accomplishing very slowly but at least major progress is being made. Excuse the Chaos on the site as I am adding the new content for the Realm readings and my own similar research on Cosmic Domain Origins of which I won't present here on the network until I have a short book up on amazon with my theories, some of this information is included in my book Soul Supernatural Volume 1 of my Metaphysics of the Supernatural series.

My guides and I decided small volumes was the best way for me to publish, I've held off so long for many reasons. Either it didn't feel complete or my personal life interfered. Most of the time I wasn't certain I wanted to share the information at all due to fears, Yes even I have fears of rejection and ridicule. As I have no desire to be famous and I'm weary of all things Paranormal mainly because of all the nonsense that has transpired in this field over the last 5 yrs; I was also not in a hurry to publish. But its time. Volume one will focus on the Soul, the difference between Ghost and Spirit, and the etheric DNA within our existence and the supernatural. A best seller it will not be and that is not my intention. I will publish myself on Amazon per my guides instruction in April. The 2nd Volume in the series will be released late summer.

The Mystic Vision Psychic Messages are going well and I have added the 13th sign of Ophiuchus to the messages. It will not make much difference to the messages by adding this 13th sign as I am not an astrologer. These messages are channeled psychic messages and have nothing to do with astrology itself. Never the less, I felt that Ophiuchus should be included starting in March.

March I will be extremely busy also preparing for publishing small HOW TO books. I'm asked to mentor in several areas and I simply don't have the time. These HOW To's are my way of being able to assist with such things as psychic protection, divination, chakra healing and more.  

Also in March I am looking forward to my 9 day Anniversary and Birthday Vacation to one of my fave places, Sedona.

I've been asked if I will do radio again by many and I am considering it, there are just some projects I need to complete before I commit to that again. Podcast are more likely for this year.

I will be offering several certification programs in late summer via video. More about this later when my TM is complete.

I'll be adding a Supernatural Interview Page to the website with discussions I have had with famous Spirits, MIB and the such. My guides say you would find this interesting so it shall be done.

I mentioned Realm Readings and let me tell you why.

When I first began Theta Facilitating and Scans in 2003 I would see within my clients codes, programs and patterns that were not of the human physical genetic and even the etheric genetic program for Humans. I began researching, channeling and taking notes. Some of the codes would be defined to me by Source as being elemental or cosmic in nature and yet others Alien and multi-dimensional. I then Discovered the work of Doreen Virtue and the Realm Readings in 2008 which validated for me in an Epic way what Source had been showing me. If Doreen could put this information forward confidently then why couldn’t I do so with the Alien and Multi-dimensional information?  I wasn’t crazy after all and Doreen boosted my confidence to continue the work Source had set up for me.

Years went by and Source was still teaching me about the other codes. I was witnessing that they were more of an Alien or Multi-Dimensional origin. Source has guided me to call this Cosmic Domain Origins. I was guided to get this information out and begin Domain readings which I am happily working on and then will offer the Domain reading/theta sessions to others. This is important because our souls and our existence are vast and unlimited, we may have existed as any number of realms, entities or beings on various worlds or even originated from Source on another world. (excerpt from: Your Cosmic Domain Origin By Kimberly Rackley Msc.D. ©20016)

But Source advised me as well that helping others understand Doreen’s Realms was just a vital to my goal of bringing wholeness and illumination, and suggested I should take her class, which would also help me differentiate between the origins I am to introduce and the realms Doreen has defined. I did take the course and Source as usual was correct. You will soon hear more of the Cosmic Domain Origins as I am working on a short information book to introduce the concept. Source advises me that it will be ever expanding and that a full manuscript will be written as feedback occurs.

Source also suggested that I combine The Realm Readings with Theta Sessions to help each Realm fully express who they are and to fulfill their light worker mission. Which of course makes perfect sense.

I have created groups on the site that once you know your realm you can join and meet others of your realm. I'll be writing blogs about each realm beginning in March. Have to get those Mystic Vision Psychic Messages out first. If you would like a reading go to the

Realm Reading Page

Magical Blessings

Dr. Kimberly

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