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Before I answer these questions please don't confuse the Other Side with just the Astral, the Other Side is a level of the 4th plane of existence and for those who are evolved Souls they can choose to go to the 5th plane which is the Cosmic Other Side. The Cosmic Other Side is where the Angels, Masters, enlightened ones from all worlds and your Spiritual Parents reside. Yes, you have a Soul Parents. Ok on to the questions.

Are They Happy?

Absolutely! They are more alive than you are. There is no negativity. There are cities, libraries, everything you have here and more. It is the real home. Life continues, you aren't just floating around at Gods feet.  They have pursuits, interest, missions, jobs, some travel to other worlds. Their health and vitality, both mentally and physically are beyond anything we would know. They do not experience negative emotion of any kind.

Do they miss us?

Absolutely not! For them there is no time or separation. They visit you more often than you think. They are so saturated with God's love that the human feeling of "missing" does not even enter into the picture.

DO they think of us?

Of Course they do! They visit you, they bring you support and comfort in your dreams. They can ask your guides how you are progressing. They can sense your essence and your moods.

I left things unsaid or I didn't forgive them, do they know I'm sorry?

Once on the Other Side, a Soul leaves behind all earthly concerns and conditions. For them there is no unfinished business, so don't torture yourself with guilt. You can talk to them now, tell them anything you need or want to and they will hear you. If you feel the need to apologize then by all means do so for it will free your heart from guilt and pain but your loved ones in the atmosphere of the Other Side do need apologies, nor do they want you to feel guilt. 

There are of course many more questions and I will post another FAQ soon. If you have a question that I haven't answered please leave it in the comments below and I will answer.

Love, Light, and Blessings

Dr. Kimberly Rackley

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