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Energetic Divorce and Soul Fragment Recall.


I've seen a lot of post and had several clients with traumatic relationship issues in the past week and was guided to assist by sharing these processes. As you know I teach everything is energy and everything is connected. In relationships, energy chords of emotion and thought develop between people. Parts of our souls also fragment to combine with our partners as we experience life with them and when making love.


When a relationship ends physically it does not mean it has ended energetically. If you long for or continue to think about a lover from 3,5 or even 10yrs ago and it triggers old hurt or emotion this is a sure sign that parts of your soul are still with this person. You can retrieve the soul fragments for healing and wholeness. Often having lost soul fragments keeps us from fully loving and trusting others. Have a theta retrieval process performed (contact me) or you can do the following:  State the following; Creator, I ask and intend that all soul fragments from all dimensions of time and space, from (state individuals name) be released from them, cleansed and returned to me (state your name).  Now reverse and repeat the process for them. (You must intend it for them as well) then say Thank you, it is done and I am fulfilled. See the process of soul fragments returning. Feel yourself become whole and strong.


With marriage a person can be so deeply attached that even though a physical Divorce has occurred an individual may still feel and believe they are married to that person.  The energetic commitment and vow must be released. Process: Say... I (state your name) ask, intend and command that I be released from the commitment of marriage to (state name) for the highest and best good for both of us. Thank you, it is done and I am fulfilled. Now see your contract or marriage license burst into the violet flame of transformation and purification.


And offer forgiveness. You are not forgiving painful actions but you are forgiving the soul. Imagine the person in your mind and mentally forgive them. Forgive yourself as well. ©Dr.Kimberly Rackley


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