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What is Theta Facilitating?

Dr. Kimberly is a Certified Theta Healing Facilitator and Spiritual DNA Activator

Theta Healing® is a healing method founded by Vianna Stibal. This method changes limiting and restricting beliefs, programs, fears and feelings within the unconscious mind. While this method is not associated with a religion it is based on the acknowledgement and acceptance of a higher power. Some call that power God, Source or Creator.

Dr. Kimberly has been a Certified Theta Healing Facilitator and Spiritual DNA Activator for over 15yrs. As a Practitioner, Dr. Kimberly is trained to enter the theta brain state to scan locations, bodies and the unconscious. In this state limiting beliefs, programs and fears are identified, commanded to change and witnessed at a quantum physics level.

What is theta? The Theta Brain State cycles at 4-8Hz. This is the state you feel the most drowsy, state for meditation and hypnosis. It is a daydreaming state yet you are wide awake. This is a very spiritual state as you are out of your ego enough to directly communicate with ALL THAT IS (God).In a Theta Reading and Session Dr. Kimberly can identify beliefs, fears and programs that limit you or cause struggle in your life. These programs are removed and replaced to support the true potential of who you are and the life you wish to live. Muscle testing is used before and after a Theta Session to verify issues that need to be altered and to verify that the change has been made after the session.

For more details or a free consultation email Dr. Kimberly at Theta Sessions can be done remotely, via email and phone. Theta sessions last about 1 to 2 hours and address every area of being. Theta Sessions are healing and transformation at every level of your being. Feelings of things such as joy, wealth and love are instilled. Every Theta session includes a body/health scan and life potential reading, suggestions for achieving your goals and messages from spirit. Chakra clearing and energy balances are also performed. Full Theta Sessions as described above are $150 Theta Sessions addressing one issue are $125 and can be invoiced in payments. Follow up phone or email consultation included as you will experience changes at every level within 72hrs of the session.

The list of potential possibility are endless. The Theta state is the state where change and transformation occurs and then manifest in the physical reality.  Not all of us find it so easy to enter the Theta state intentionally and to maintain the state to perform change or to manifest on our own. Dr. Kimberly is trained to enter the Theta state in 90 seconds or less, with eyes open where she is able to command the changes desired, imbue and instill feelings and beliefs, remove fears, heal karma, activate the spiritual DNA and direct the body to heal.

Most of us are aware these days that feelings and thoughts are energy that create what we experience in life. These feelings and thoughts are directed and fed by beliefs and fears we can hold on the core, genetic, soul and history level of our being. By discovering your beliefs, removing those that do not support you as well as the fears, and having SOURCE replace them with the appropriate ones you then are able to harness the power of positive thought and affirmations to create the desired life. Many of us have affirmed our positive outcomes till we are blue in the face. Several things are occurring here when you fail to manifest the outcomes you desire. Beliefs, thought and feelings must all be aligned and faith must be the power that fuels your manifestation. Before you can know anything as a reality you must first KNOW the feeling of it. You must understand the what it feels like to have this change and know that it is possible. These feelings can be instilled and activated within your cells and on all 4 belief systems.  Where as just performing affirmations by rote with Theta Illumination you are actually commanding within the truths that you desire to see in your life. Affirmations (if you choose to still use them) become more powerful. Think of Theta as hypnosis but with out going into a hypnotic state yourself.

Dr. Kimberly has developed a Theta session for most any desire or change you wish to manifest in your life. Sessions can be performed in person, by phone or remotely. It takes about 30 minutes and all you have to do is breathe. Dr. Kimberly will first intuit the fears or beliefs you may have that are blocking or causing resistance. The individual then performs a simple muscle test to validate her findings. No belief is ever pulled with out verbal permission from client and all programs and feelings instilled must be tested and verbally approved as well. 

Dr. Kimberly Combines Theta with Metaphysical concepts or spiritual mind treatment and the faith that knowing something is before it is physical reality. Metaphysical prayer in the theta/etheric state is 10 times more affirming and successful because in this state you can not know separation from Source or the original perfection you were designed to be.

For example when imprinting a feeling for something my command and prayer would be similar to this Once I enter the etheric/theta level and is repeated 3 to 7 times for each level of existence according to the need of the individual.

"All That Is, in the name of light that I am I command the following as (state name) reality and acknowledge that it is done. I Command the lights feeling, knowing and understanding of being and experiencing abundance to be imprinted and instilled on every cell and atom, on every level of consciousness on all planes of existence according  to and thru your will. Thank you All That Is, All That Is, is now instilling abundance as the feeling, knowing and understanding on every level of existence with the strength of 1000 repeated statements of truth of I know abundance. This reality is the reality of (state name) thank you and it is done."

Theta belief removal is simply commanding the old belief to pulled, cancelled or removed from the levels of being and consciousness including from the core, genetic soul and history levels. And in turn being reprogrammed with the positive belief. Removal of fears is done in the same manner.


WOW! I am blown away by this woman's gifts. She has been helping me unblock an area that will help me contribute to the world on a major level. Kym not only got right to the core vibrations that were blocking me from making this contribution, but the healing work she has done for me created immediate transformation in my ability to share my vision with the world. Her ability is truly inspired by Source Energy and her ability to heal is demonstrated in the obvious changes in my emotions, vibrations and outer circumstances. This woman feels like an angel hovering out there somewhere helping me to make my biggest dreams come true. I am so grateful! Denise Monique

I have known Kimberly Rackley for many years and have found her healing abilities to be profound and amazing. Not only has she been a healer for my own personal issues but I have accessed her abilities in consultation for my own private clients. I trust her implicitly.

I have found her to be loving, caring, amazingly intuitive, gentle, kind and extremely knowledgeable in regards to the human body and the inborn nature of the human healing potential. She quickly pinpoints the problem area and zeros in on the necessary steps to take to bring about the fastest healing possible while empowering the person to their own ability to heal.

Kym comes highly recommended by me not only in her healing practice but also in her metaphysical, occult and paranormal knowledge. Her senses are right on every time. She has astounding abilities in the realm of metaphysics. I can not offer enough praise to the important work that she does.

Carolyn Faden, Life and Creativity Coach

Excellence! I have had three sessions with Kym and not only does she hit the core issues with truth, but I feel this amazing shift so I can move forward. She is an incredibly gifted clairvoyant/healer and I highly recommend her.

Angel R.






Making dreams come true







Super Learning

Receiving Inner direction and insight

Behavior Modification

Increased Creativity

Spiritual Growth


Exploring non physical realities


Automatic Writing

Psychic Ability

Overcoming fear



Increasing Health and vitality


Specialized Sessions for Theta Illumination

Improve Psychic Ability

Becoming a Medium

Health and Healing




Spiritual Awareness

Overcoming depression


Examples of feelings being instilled:

"I understand and know what it feels like to live my daily life debt free"

"I understand and know what it feels like to be clairvoyant"

"I know when to trust"

"I know how to be clairvoyant"

"I know how to be happy"

Full Sessions are $125.  Most needs only require one session and include follow up. Theta can be done remotely, in person or by phone. You do not need to be physically present for a session. Please Purchase here then email or call to book your session.

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