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The reading I received from Dr. Rackely was absolutely wonderful and beautiful. I'm eternally grateful to have this special connection with her and given closure. This passing of my grandmother was a bit traumatic for me due the quickness of it after finding out she was even sick. I noticed everyone else had their closure and were at peace but found it more difficult for me to accept her passing. I decided to seek guidance from Dr. Kim and wasn't able to do a phone call mediumship reading and asked her about email mediumship reading and she was more than happy to do that for me! She was quick to respond and her explanations were very clear. Very reasonably priced too, I might add! She has such a wonderful gift and I only recommend her to anyone and everyone. Love and light! - Sandy


I just had the most AMAZING reading with Dr. Kimberly Rackley and let me tell you she knew things I NEVER EVER have told anyone and pin pointed exactly where I am at and where I am going. If you ever want a really outstanding reading and come away feeling like you really got what you paid for this is the lady to see. I know and have known many mediums/psychics in my life but this lady takes the cake for me. I cannot say enough about Kim!!! And her prices are reasonable. Happy Birthday to ME!!! - Vinnie Thorpe



Dr. Kim Rackley is the real deal.  She is the most authentic medium out there.  Not only is she brilliant in the ways of the world, but she told me something that only my father and I knew.  No one else, and since my father has passed, I knew she was authentic! She has been a constant positive light in my life and has always steered me in the path I am meant to go.  Her positive advice and direction has not only reinforced my commitment to my dreams, but she has helped me in ways that are too numerous to count.  I urge you all to have a reading from her, and take her on as your spiritual guide.  She is a beautiful soul with the purest intentions and will always guide you to who you are truly meant to be.  I recommend her to anyone, she WILL make a believer out of you!!! - Kristine W. New York/ Artist 

Wow, thanks for these details, again this really helps you are very talented and gifted to be able to read energy.- Paula V. Canada



You are amazing at what you do. You can always describe me to a T and I can always count on you to make light of any and all situations I may be in. You are a goddess and I love you.  Sarah W.- Gainesville, FL

WOW! I am blown away by this woman's gifts. She has been helping me unblock an area that will help me contribute to the world on a major level. Kym not only got right to the core vibrations that were blocking me from making this contribution, but the healing work she has done for me created immediate transformation in my ability to share my vision with the world. Her ability is truly inspired by Source Energy and her ability to heal is demonstrated in the obvious changes in my emotions, vibrations and outer circumstances. This woman feels like an angel hovering out there somewhere helping me to make my biggest dreams come true. I am so grateful! Denise Monique


I have known Kimberly Rackley for many years and have found her healing abilities to be profound and amazing. Not only has she been a healer for my own personal issues but I have accessed her abilities in consultation for my own private clients. I trust her implicitly.

I have found her to be loving, caring, amazingly intuitive, gentle, kind and extremely knowledgable in regards to the human body and the inborn nature of the human healing potential. She quickly pinpoints the problem area and zeros in on the necessary steps to take to bring about the fastes healing possible while empowering the person to their own ability to heal.

Kym comes highly recommended by me not only in her healing practice but also in her metaphysical, occult and paranormal knowledge. Her senses are right on every time. She has astounding abilities in the realm of metaphysics. I can not offer enough praise to the important work that she does.

Carlolyn Faden, Life and Creativity Coach


I am blessed and honored to have worked with Kym Rackley, Msc.D. for the past year. Her energy is pure. Her readings are detailed. Her healings are second to none. Her clarity is amazing. Kym is a gift to the world. I highly recommend Kym as a classroom teacher, individual practitioner and author. If you choose to work with Kym you will be blessed beyond your wildest expectations.

Kathy Goodenbour Mursh Author of "Feng Sui Kids"


Kimberly is truly an amazing person. I feel blessed to have her in my life. All of her gifts and talents are truly amazing. Her psychic readings have been incredibly accurate. She has given me insight into core issues that I have been able to work on and learn from. Her healing energy has helped everyone in my family. The Universe is filled with miracles and Kym is one of them.

Suzanne Stratton


I have had many readings with kym. She is extremely insightful, generous with the information she receives and extremely loving. Kym's guidance with light is very much appreciated. Light shines bright when you are given a path to follow...I'ts funny Kym has shown me over and over again which one to take, walk with her in her light. She is extremely heartfelt and gifted....You don't want to miss that!



Freaky Deaky!! In the best possible way! Knew things that is just not possible for her to know. Kym will impress you too, not to mention help you, and if your heal as well. 



Received an email reading from Kym which was insightful, specific areas were addressed that I know are issues for me in relationships.



I have tears in my eyes from how her details touched me. It's not as if she is me but as though with me. I am truly touched. She is Awesome. Thank you, Kym.



Excellent and very indepth! Kym is extremely talented in relaying what she sees. She hit core issues I had been working on. Wonderful! Above and beyond what I expected in terms of answers with substance! Thank you, Kym.



Excellence! I have had three sessions with Kym and not only does she hit the core issues with truth, but I feel this amazing shift so I can move forward. She is an incredibly gifted clairvoyant/healer and I highly recommend her.

Angel R.


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