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Please See Description of Reiki under order options

Reiki Initiations level 1 an 2 together can be done in person or remotely. A time will be scheduled for the initiation and you will receive a pdf file manual, lineage and certificate, with 2 weeks of email support.  $150 Purchase here and then email Dr. Kimberly with your full name and Date of Birth.

Reiki Master Level initiations require prerequisite of level 1 and 2 initiation. Initiation can be done in person or remotely. $250, instalment options are available. You will receive master certificate and Master manual.

What is Reiki?

The Term Reiki refers to the Universal Life force. The Rei in "Rei-Ki" refers to the Cosmic Life Force Energy and the ki in "Rei-Ki" refers to the flowing life force that binds everything. Some Know this as Chi, Prana or Bio-energy. Reiki is one of the most ancient healing arts known to man. Originating in Tibet, it was discovered in the early 19th century by Dr. Makao Usui. The Secret Keys he discovered continue to be passed down through the process of initiations. This Method is most frequently referred to as the Usui Reiki or Traditional Reiki. This is the system you will be initiated into. Many other styles have been developed over the years however.

The Usui Reiki uses hand positions, symbols and philosophy healing energy to the client. As a Reiki Healer you transfer Cosmic healing energy to the client from your hands. This energy goes exactly where it needs to as it is intelligent and Divine it knows what is needed. Reiki moves and releases the stagnant energy within the chakras and the body so that the life force of the person can flow as it should.

Reiki is not a religion and can be used by any one. Reiki is safe and can be utilized with other therapies and healing modalities. Reiki is used for people, animals, plants and anything you can imagine. I once did Reiki on a clogged drain. YES! it worked. Reiki also has magical and spiritual applications.

Comment by Dr. Kimberly Rackley on February 15, 2017 at 12:36pm

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM DR. KIMBERLY. I am fully booked with Readings and Initiations Until March 17th and then I will be on Vacation till March 26th. Will begin Reiki Initiations again on April 1st. Thank you.


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