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Realm Readings


What Are Realm Readings?

Realm Readings as taught by Doreen Virtue are based on the concept of Lightworkers as Earth Angels. There are 4 main realms and Many hybrid and blended realms. While all who incarnate have a soul or life mission and a theme we choose to fulfill that mission or lesson; Earth Angels also have a Global Mission and is a mission that is always in service to the world or consciousness of mankind. We are all created from a Divine Source but realize that creation is expansive with many Worlds, Universes and Realities that are experienced other than earth.

The Four Main Realms are:

Incarnated Angels

Incarnated Elementals

Star People

The Wise Ones


How do you know if you are an Earth Angel or Lightworker?

Do you have a need or passion to be of assistance to others, to heal, teach or inspire?

Do you feel as if you don’t belong here on planet earth?

Do you feel different from others?

Doe’s self-esteem issues, addictions, weight issues or relationship challenges hinder your life or expression?

Are you extra sensitive, empathic or psychic?

Do you abhor violence?

Are you waiting for Scotty to beam you back up to the Enterprise because the energy of earth feels heavy or depressing?

Do you have memories or dreams of places, people and other lifestyles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are most likely an earth angel from another realm. Not all of us are Earth Angles, some of us are what I call life mission entities who are here to learn and experience for their soul growth. And there are others who are yet undefined.

Earth Angels are powerful Lightworkers who are on a Divine Assignment. By Discovering your Realm and origins. You will understand yourself, your mission, purpose, life and relationships. You will better be able to express yourself, find success and happiness. You will discover your strengths and your challenges.


How Do I receive a Realm Reading?

1.     Click the Buy Now button to order:  Realm Readings are $40

2.     Email a Photo and full name to

3.     You will receive a short questionnaire and upon return can expect your reading within 3 days.



 Theta Realm Sessions

After your realm Reading you may want to consider the Realm Theta Session. SEE Theta page for details on what Theta Facilitating is. 

Dr. Kimberly has also designed a Theta reading and session for each realm to heal and enhance your abilities and mission. To remove fears or programs of lack, self-esteem issues, ect… Each session is designed for your Realms challenges and talents, plus personal issues. These sessions can be done remotely with an email transcript or by phone. Muscle testing is required before and after. Directions will be given.

To get your Theta Session Click the Buy Now Button for either phone or email session. Phone sessions tend to lead to other psychic questions and individual wishes to ask and therefore is more than the session via email communication. The phone session is about an hour long. Email with your Name and Realm. Include what you want to release or enhance. You will then be sent muscle testing directions and a list to test. Upon return your Theta work will be done within 2 days and muscle testing will be required to confirm changes. Sessions are $55 for email and $75 for Phone.


Phone Session

Connect with others who are Earth Angels or with those in your Realms by joining one of the groups below.

Star People Group Incarnated Angel Group

 Incarnated Elemental The Wise Ones Group Mystic Angel Group

Knights Paladin Group Galactic Knights Group Aladdin Genies Group

Atlanteans Group Incarnated Cherub Group Mystic Stars Group

Cosmic Angel Group Leprechauns Group Merepeople Group

Evolving Soul Group ShapeShifter Group

Incarnated Fairies Group (a subset of the Incarnated Elemental group that includes Flower Fairies, Forest Fairies, Star Fairies, Merfairies, Pixies, Elves and Brownies and Incarnated Unicorns)

If you are a hybrid or blended please be certain to also join the realm groups of your Realm Blends.

Blogs and Forums will be posted as the Realm Community expands here on the Dr. Kimberly network as new discoveries and insights continue to be made and connected.

A Note From Dr. Kimberly Rackley

When I first began Theta Facilitating and Scans in 2003 I would see within my clients codes, programs and patterns that were not of the human physical genetic and even the etheric genetic program for Humans. I began researching, channeling and taking notes. Some of the codes would be defined to me by Source as being elemental or cosmic in nature and yet others Alien and multi-dimensional. I then Discovered the work of Doreen Virtue and the Realm Readings in 2008 which validated for me in an Epic way what Source had been showing me. If Doreen could put this information forward confidently then why couldn’t I do so with the Alien and Multi-dimensional information?  I wasn’t crazy after all and Doreen boosted my confidence to continue the work Source had set up for me.

Years went by and Source was still teaching me about the other codes. I was witnessing that they were more of an Alien or Multi-Dimensional origin. Source has guided me to call this Cosmic Domain Origins. I was guided to get this information out and begin Domain readings which I am happily working on and then will offer the Domain reading/theta sessions to others. This is important because our souls and our existence are vast and unlimited, we may have existed as any number of realms, entities or beings on various worlds or even originated from Source on another world. (excerpt from: Your Cosmic Domain Origin By Kimberly Rackley Msc.D. ©20016)

But Source advised me as well that helping others understand Doreen’s Realms was just a vital to my goal of bringing wholeness and illumination, and suggested I should take her class, which would also help me differentiate between the origins I am to introduce and the realms Doreen has defined. I did take the course and Source as usual was correct. You will soon hear more of the Cosmic Domain Origins as I am working on a short information book to introduce the concept. Source advises me that it will be ever expanding and that a full manuscript will be written as feedback occurs.

Source also suggested that I combine The Realm Readings with Theta Sessions to help each Realm fully express who they are and to fulfill their light worker mission. Which of course makes perfect sense.




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