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Special Announcement

Due to previous bookings and a March upcoming vacation ParaReiki initiations will resume April 5th

You may book for the April 5th with a down payment of $45

Reiki and the Paranormal

Reiki gives a greater awareness of the Spirit world. As Reiki is energy, purely from Source, Reiki can be applied to all aspects of the paranormal. Some of the areas where Reiki can be beneficial in the paranormal are:


House protection

House blessing

House cleansing


Attachment removal

Spirit Rescue


Repairing damage of prolonged paranormal activity in an individual or location.

If you are a sensitive or investigator in the paranormal becoming ParaReiki certified would enhance your ability to discover, define and resolve paranormal activity.  Initiations are done together as level one and two. You will learn traditional Reiki as a healing method and how to apply Reiki and its symbols to specific areas of the paranormal.

Initiations are done long distantly and are $195 for both levels 1&2. Please contact Dr. Kimberly at for information or to book initiation. The Initiations are done remotely, you will receive a pdf Reiki manual with Dr. Kimberly's Paranormal Reiki application instructions.


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