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“She is the awareness of spiritual matters and the stirrings of the mind. She understands the inner-workings and the connection between nature, science, philosophy and spirit. She is psychic knowing-the oracle. She is the guardian of the unconscious. She is the High Priestess of Metaphysics and Magic.She is the Mystic and She invites all to come and seek because Illumination Becomes You.”

Dr.Kimberly has been in the Spiritual, Healing, Psychic, and Paranormal Fields as a professional for 25 years. Dr. Kimberly holds a Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Sciences, she is an ordained Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner.  A certified Theta Healing Facilitator, Reiki Master,  Hypnotherapist and Spiritual DNA Activator. 

Founder of ParaTheta® and ParaReiki

As a psychic medium she has all four psychic centers fully open and functioning.  Also known as the four clair’s.  They are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.  This enables her to sense, see, hear, and feel those who have crossed over, Lost soul’s, earth bound spirits, angels, ascended masters, and other dimensional beings.

Dr. Kimberly has combined her mediumship abilities and theta skills to offer psychic readings that are geared towards mastering life and living the life you desire.  If you are looking for a fortuneteller Dr. Kimberly is not the one for you.  Dr. Kimberly focuses on the soul and its blue prints for this lifetime.  Dr. Kimberly offers mediumship readings with the intent of providing comfort and healing.  The one thing Dr. Kimberly wishes to convey and express with mediumship readings is that there is no separation, love is eternal and that we are all infinite energy and consciousness in eternal motion.

Dr. Kimberly channels the universal frequencies that she calls “the powers that would be”.  These are known as universal laws and attributes that subtly along with our karma affect our everyday life.  Dr. Kimberly has created The Mystic Views to share these insights according to astrological signs.

In the paranormal field Dr. Kimberly has developed a psychic remote viewing method where she is able to send consciousness and oftentimes soul to any location or individual to determine and resolve paranormal activities.  Dr. Kimberly has been researching the paranormal for 20 years.  She finds it amusing that as a medium she is considered paranormal.  Dr. Kimberly is the Co-Director and lead psychic medium for Nightside Paranormal Investigations. She is also a paranormal consultant and offers paranormal consulting and counseling free of charge. In Theta Dr. Kimberly can immediately remove Spirit attachments, darkness and influences on the consciousness. Paranormal Investigators form attachments and often are not aware until days or months after the damage is done.

Dr. Kimberly hosted The Mystic View Radio and The Mystic View Video Show on the PEN. Dr. Kimberly is a frequent guest on Radio shows such as The Grand Dark Conspiracy,The Malliard Report and After Hours Am.  

She is an avid researcher and academic who seeks every nuance of every possibility in her private research into the Mysteries of the cosmos.


                                                " Meet my very dear friend Dr. Kimberly Rackley. Not only is she a mega hottie, but she's also an astronomically accurate psychic who packs a magical punch. Her field of expertise is wide-ranged, and I go to her for all of my mystic needs. Plus, she gives most excellent counsel. I HIGHLY recommend her for a look into your past, present, and future. Please visit her and tell her CL sent ya ;)   -   CL Parker Author of " A Million Dirty Secrets"  CL Parker Books 



 "I HIGHLY recommend Kim she is one amazing lady whom I trust COMPLETELY! She has left me with my mouth open in AWE many times." V. Thorpe- Jewelry Designer


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