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As a minister and Spiritual Teacher I have been introduced to the many different concepts of sin, right and wrong that mankind holds. In some, the concept of sin is based on thier religious beliefs and often fear. Most would reply to being asked what is thier concept of sin "A sin is going against God's law or wants."   It is my understanding and belief that if there be any sin at all or an original sin it is the moment when mankind chose to separate themselves consciously from God and therefore separating themselves from the knowledge of being God. Once this occured the duality of right and wrong came into being as well as good and evil. What if I suggested there was actually no right or wrong? What if I said right and wrong are a matter of choosing and manifesting a reality based on positive vibrations or one of negative vibrations? The only ramifications being the energy and situations you created from this choice of right or wrong that you now must experience and be offered the opportunity to choose again. Obviously this topic can also lead to the topic of Judgment. I would love to hear your beliefs and ideas on these concepts and share with you my belief, understanding and of course why these are my conclusions. 

There is no Judgement here on the network, we all believe what we do for a reason that serves us in this moment so I would ask that all responses be respectful. There is no need to prove, validate or defend anyones beliefs or faith. We are here to expand our awareness.

Looking forward to to this discussion getting underway.

Dr. Kimberly 

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