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What do you love or dislike about Halloween. It seems there are those who are obsessed with this holiday and others who like to see it disappear? Does "All Hallows Eve" spark an ancient memory for you or is something you just don't give attention to? Share your thoughts! Have fun!

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I have seen Halloween differently throughout the years. I saw it as a way to express one's interests or become something else for a day (I was Mickey Mouse, a cowboy, football player, E.T., "Sonny" Crockett from Miami Vice, and a lot of other things for Halloween) as a child. As I grew older I began to understand what Halloween was truly about and it opened my eyes and mind to the stranger beliefs of the world as well as created an interest in the darker parts of the world, known and unknown.

Unfortunately, I have seen Halloween grow into the second largest retail holiday (obviously after Christmas) and seen it exploited for money. People now dress up in questionable costumes that typically mock days gone by or are with the theme of death or fear. The thrill of the unknown is still there, buried beneath dollar signs, but still there to those who wish to see it.

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